2012 Teaching Schedule found @ www.encausticworkshop.com !!

My 2012 teaching schedule can be found at www.encausticworkshop.com

I'll be teaching a 5-day workshop at Esalen in Big Sur May 6-11

I'll be at Castle Hill, Center for the Arts June 4-5, Cape Cod, MA

I'll be at Kala Art Institute for a 2-day Intermediate June 16-17, Berkeley, CA

Come join the waxy fun!
email me with any questions: cari@carihernandez.com

Teaching Encaustic Workshops in Australia September & October 2011

I am so excited about these upcoming workshops!
I will be teaching workshops in Australia-
Sydney: September 10 & 11
Melbourne: October 16 & 16 -and- October 22-26

In addition to the workshops, I'll be doing demonstrations in a few art stores too, covering the basics of encaustics.

Come and join me for the waxy fun!

September 3rd 6-8PM Opening of Jubilation: the artwork of Cari Hernandez

September 3rd 6-8PM Opening of Jubilation: the artwork of Cari Hernandez
join me for the opening at Market Street Gallery, SF

August 2011 Paper PLay: Encaustic & Paper Workshol

August 2011 Paper PLay: Encaustic & Paper Workshol
Whidbey Island, WA

Two Encaustic & Paper Workshops this August!

I've recently returned from lovely Whidbey Island, WA
I had the great pleasure of teaching 2 workshops while there-
both focused on creating hand-made books from our encaustic works on paper projects...
Wonderful artists and lots of fun!

busy with paper & wax

Marin MOCA show April-May 2011

Marin MOCA show April-May 2011
my book "the start of the journey" encasutic, paper, ink on wood panel

2nd Annual Altered Book Show & Auction, Marin MOCA April 16th 2011

I am busy at work, making some Encaustic Altered books as a contribution to this upcoming show- all proceeds go back to the museum!
Here is my first book for the show-includes text from The Odyssey.

Intermediate Encaustic Workshop Kala Art Institute Berkeley, CA March 19-20 2011

Intermediate Encaustic Workshop Kala Art Institute Berkeley, CA March 19-20 2011
busy students!

Teaching a 2-day Intermediate Encaustic workshop

Super fun this past weekend!
I was such a pleasure to work with wonderful and enthusiastic students- they inspired me so much!
We covered advanced fusing, reviewed color mixing, working large scale, talked about the process of medium making & ratio considerations as well as paint making...and so much more!

Sixth Annual Encaustic Invitational March 5th 2011

Sixth Annual Encaustic Invitational March 5th 2011
Conrad Wilde Gallery Tucson, AZ

far right, my painting "my fragented life" 12x12x4 encaustic & tar

The Opening Reception for the 6th Annual Encaustic Invitational

I flew to Tucson for a great weekend of seeing friends and teaching a 1-day workshop. On Saturday March 5th, I was a part of an artist talk for the opening of the show- wonderful to be in conversation with Catherine Nash, Rodney Thompson, Brady Eiger, & Sharon Kyle Kuhn. Miles has worked hard to create this wonderful annual event- bringing together the art community and helping to raise awareness and interest in encaustic - thank you!
On Sunday I taught an Encasutic & Fiber workshop- wonderful follks to work with! -- loved the creative vibe of everyone. We had lots of fun getting waxy with silk, muslin, paper...

at the Opening

at the Opening
getting to hang with Catherine & Rodney!

Project Harmony: 32 artists coming together

Project Harmony: 32 artists coming together
this is a composit of all 32 panels

Thrilled to be a part of Harmony

My work with Project Harmony has just wrapped up-
I am so honored to have been a part of the development team, with Anne Smidt & Rodney Thompson.
Here is a link to an article I wrote about the development of this project:

Palm Springs February 2011

Palm Springs February 2011

Winter Road Trip...meeting up with waxy friends

I've just returned from a week-long road trip, inspired to search out some warmer weather & meet with friends.
My first destination was Palm Springs. The desert is a lovely and calming place, the mountains had recently been snowed on and we were able to take the tram from the sunny warm valley up to the mountain top and hike/play in 5ft of snow! Other hikes took us through valleys and vistas, and we were able to see the first signs of Spring with the flowering cactus.
I also had the wonderful opportunity to meet with David A. Clark, as he shared his studio and work with me. For the past year and a half he has been focusing on encaustic works on paper. They are Wonderful!! David had many of his lovely prints out for me to see- he has an amazing sense of design and technical skill that merge into creating vibrant and beautiful prints. His studio is so Clean and Organized!! David also shared how he presents and ships his work. His prints are mounted in plexi frames that really allow the quality of wax and paper to be "felt". He is an inspiration when it comes to crates and shipping design! His complete presentation is a work of art in itself, beautiful padded boxes gently hold his framed work, and exterior photo labels keep everything well organized. It was such a joy to get to spend time together talking art.

(c) David A. Clark

(c) David A. Clark/ click image to his website

hiking in Palm Springs snow

Moving on to Malibu

Moving on to Malibu
our stay with Kandy

(c) Kandy Lozano/ click on image to access Kandy's website

Kandy Lozano's gallery (c) Kandy Lozano

getting back home...
After a week in Palm Springs, I called my friend Kandy Lozano in Malibu to see if she was up for a last minute guest! She welcomed us to her amazing Malibu home and studio.
Kandy was in the process of finishing a commission, so we had some great studio time together. Kandy has the most amazing way of working- there is a lovely relationship that she has with her painting. Kandy works on a large-scale, and that certainly has it's challenges with encaustic- but she seems to move effortlessly with these large panels, pulling them in close to her and then gliding them around to reach new areas to work. Her surfaces are amazing, they are so well developed. Her boundless energy inspires!
After a couple of days of taking in the beauty of Malibu it was time to head home. I am so grateful to have been able to spend time with David & Kandy- it is always so inspiring to talk about work, ideas, methods...

Mixed Medium Workshop @ R&F Handmade Paints

Mixed Medium Workshop @ R&F Handmade Paints
Oct 5-7 2010 I taught a mixed medium workshop

October 5-7 2010 Kingston NY

I had a great time teaching this past week at R&F Handmade Paints studio in NY. It was a full workshop, with wonderful students! We worked with encaustic combine paper, cloth fiber, sculpture, and more.

IEA Advance September 2010, San Francisco

IEA Advance  September 2010, San Francisco
I was part of a talk on Visual Thinking, photo Nikki May

panel talk: Visual Thinking, photo Eileen Goldenberg

Visual Thinking presentation, IEA Advance 2010

This is a link to the "visual" portion of my presentation on the process of visual thinking as it relates to the creation of my artwork:

Encaustic Painting Conference 2010

Encaustic Painting Conference 2010
leaving home...going to the airport, next stop: Boston

this was my 4th year to attend & present, but the first year that I brought my daughter!

4th Annual Encaustic Painting Conference, Beverly MA

I've just returned from the the annual encaustic conference- had a wonderful time catching up with old friends and making new ones!
The conference was well attended, with lots of excited folks talking all things wax.
The vendor area was expanded this year, two full rooms! It was wonderful to see so many wonderful materials and suppliers showing and explaining their products. Miles Conrad & R&F Handmade Paints kindly sold my DVD, BIG thanks to both of them!

conference break

conference break
my lovely assistant needed a run-around-the-park break

Lecture/Demo: Encaustic & Fiber

On Saturday I gave a presentation, Encaustic & Fiber.
I covered a range of methods that I've been developing over the years; 3D, panel based sculpture, synthetic and natural fibers, etc. I was a great crowd- I had a lot of fun!

Charming Rockport MA

Charming Rockport MA

Teaching post conference workshop: Encaustic & Fiber

Teaching post conference workshop: Encaustic & Fiber
I had a Wonderful group of students in my post conference workshop

post-conference workshop: Encaustic & Fiber

I taught a one-day post conference workshop, Encaustic & Fiber.
I had such a great time with the wonderful students! We could have used two days :) some much creative fun to be had.

busy students!

Encaustic & Fiber workshop

Encaustic & Fiber workshop
lovely Paula Roland came in to visit

workshop wrap-up

Cape Cod

Cape Cod
we added a couple of extra days to explore the Cape

a bit of play-time...

we made it to the outer Cape...P Town

we made it to the outer Cape...P Town

Sunset @ low tide

Sunset @ low tide

Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock
just had to check it out

Heading Home

Heading Home

WAX Twist: advanced encaustic techniques

WAX Twist: advanced encaustic techniques
this is a still from my new DVD

BIG news!

I have spent the past several months creating WAX Twist: advanced encaustic techniques; an instructional DVD that covers exciting techniques that I've developed over the years- working with 3D forms, encaustic & fiber, color studies, and much much more! The DVD will be available for sale next month. www.waxtwist.com to get all the details!!

Teaching an Intermediate Encaustic workshop @ Kala Arts, Berkeley, CA April 11-12, 2010

Teaching an Intermediate Encaustic workshop @ Kala Arts, Berkeley, CA  April 11-12, 2010
this is the wrap-up, reviwing student work

a student's color swatch work

reviewing student work

Intermediate Encaustic Workshop, Kala Arts April 11-12 2010

I had a wonderful time teaching this past weekend- a great group of artists! Students worked on everything from refining line work to creating panel based sculptures.

Group Show @ Turchin

Group Show @ Turchin
225ยบ F: Encaustic Encounters November 6, 2009 - February 6, 2010 Main Gallery 225° F: Encaustic Encounters is the first exhibition focused entirely on encaustic painting to be featured in the TVCA’s galleries. This curated, invitational exhibition explores naturalistic themes from the work of exceptional, encaustic artists who challenge the established traditions of the media by expressing innovation in the utilization of encaustic techniques.

main gallery view

study of petals 2009 encaustic

Students @ Encaustic Altered Books Workshop

Students @ Encaustic Altered Books Workshop
October 17-18: Kala Art Insitute, Berekely, CA

Encaustic Altered Books Workshop October 17-18: Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA

I had the pleasure of teaching an Encaustic Altered Books workshop this past weekend. The students were so vibrant and full of fun and wonderful creativity! --they worked to the very end.
The photographs are by Susan Feller

Intermediate Encaustic Workshop @ Kala Arts

Intermediate Encaustic Workshop @ Kala Arts
June 13-14, Berkeley, CA

A wonderful workshop weekend...

This past weekend I had the pleasure of teaching an intermediate encaustic workshop at Kala Arts. I had 15 fantastic students, who were all eager and enthusiastic about exploring a new range of techniques and materials in their encaustic work. We worked on everything from fiber sculpture, multi-panel large scale work, experimental supports (metal and plexi), works on paper, and more.
This was my first class to teach for Kala, and I found the staff to be so helpful and supportive- many thanks for that, I'll be back in October teaching a 2-day encaustic altered books class.

demos were spinkled through the day...

student's wonderful fiber & encaustic collage

snack time!!

snack time!!
I always try and have baked cookies to hand out during the afternoon demos!

Marilyn's magical fiber work!

Linda and her AMAZING work!

Linda and her AMAZING work!

fiber sculpture in progress


Todd & Winddance working the texture

The Art Barn

The Art Barn
this is the lovely location for our workshop!

Esalen Encaustic Workshop April 26th- May 1st

I am co-teaching this week, a week long encaustic workshop in Big Sur, CA.
It is an amazing location, our studio overlooks the ocean- we listen to the waves as we paint!!
It is a lovely group of students- so talented and enthusiastic!
We are starting day 4 today, can't wait!

Artrageous! 2009 Montserrat College of Art

Montserrat College of Art has an annual auction which benefit college student scholarships - Artrageous 2009: held this Saturday May 9th.

The auction offers donated artwork collected by invitation only, I have donated a painting "glow 1" - encaustic 6x6 ::::: I hope it sells well for the college!!

Here is a link with more info:

Encaustic Works '09 Catalog

Encaustic Works '09 Catalog

R & F Handmade Paints: Encaustic Works '09

I am honored to be a part of this year's exhibit, R & F's Encaustic Works '09.
They have created a beautiful catalog, here is a description:

Catalogue from the seventh international biennial exhibition sponsored by

R&F Handmade Paints that ran March 29th - June 19th, 2009.

Juried by artist Heather Hutchison, the show is an eclectic mix of artists working in the medium today. The exhibit was held at The Castle Gallery, College of New Rochelle, New York.

for more catalog information:


encaustic...and more

encaustic...and more
"one-ness": 2009 mixed meium: encausitc, paper, fiber, pigment, resin

Encaustic altered book

Encaustic altered book
this is my latest altered book: "permission" 2009, paper, encaustic, fiber, ink,

waxing and waning...

I have found myself back in my studio...really getting to the business of working. Our "outer world" can feel so huge and distracting at times, I have found that my time and energy have been needed in other parts of my life, leaving me exhausted and feeling rather "empty"...unable to give myself to my work. In the last 5 months I only managed to eek out bits and pieces of work...nothing that tapped my being. I am so connected to finding myself in each painting that I make, that not having that expression for nearly half a year has felt daunting. So, here it is...my latest Work. I have found my voice was not missing, only taking a pause.

Miami Beach...December 2008

Miami Beach...December 2008
morning walks were wonderful

after a very long pause... December 2008

I've just returned from Art Basel, Miami.This was my first large scale Art Fair experience...The basic layout has Art Basel in Miami Beach at the convention center, with surrounding hotels hosting shows as well. Across the waterway in Miami, more shows were being held in the Wynwood area etc. I was there for 5 full days, and went to 14 shows (repeating a few). I was in attendance with lovely friend and Art Basel veteran Lissa Rankin.

Personal highlights...
I had the great pleasure of meeting and chatting with artist Bernd Haussmann on a few occasions... he and his wife Anna were such a delight, I appreciated Bernd's enthusiasm and conviction that artists move forward in their work (when often feeling contracted with the influence of world/cultural troubles) http://www.berndhaussmann.com/ to see his lovely work.

I had the absolute THRILL of getting "up close & personal" with some of Kiki Smith's amazing work! I had this very special opportunity while visiting Dennis Hull of the Brodsky Center (Bridge Miami Beach).

I met the absolutely delightful sculpture Todji Kurtzman and company... we met at Red Dot and continued to cross paths daily...he creates amazing large scale bronze sculpture http://www.todjikurtzman.com/

I had a great chat at Red Dot and then brunch a few days later with energetic and insightful Joanne Mattera http://www.joannemattera.com/

Overall assessment: well worth the effort, to be able to see SO many artist's work and gallery owners in one concentrated area is a real treat (it could take months to try and see that much going to individual galleries)... a fabulous way to meet artists, see a wide range on new work, and have the chance to meet enthusiastic gallery and art representatives. I'll list the shows that I attended in a side-bar... I certainly had some favorites. I really enjoyed Art Miami on many different levels... a great representation of contemporary art, great lay-out of dealer booths, well lit, etc. Pulse was an exciting show that had a great variety of mediums and aesthetic styles... Aqua Wynwood had some wonderful galleries and fabulous work... the food was also great there! Many gems were found at all of the Fairs... I'll break-down a few with images...

Art Miami...in Wynwood

Art Miami...in Wynwood
Mike and Doug Starn, mixed medium including photograph & wax

kwang-sung park

Cyrille Andre...polyester resin

Raphaelle Goethais...wax & resin


Aqua Wynwood

Aqua Wynwood
Dove Bradshaw

Lee Kelly

Valerie Hammond

gregg renfrow

Jaq Chartier

Ray Caesar

Markus Linnenbrink...resin & pigment


Omar Chacon

Elana Brazzali

Jose Maria Scilia... wax & pigment

3 screen video...

Galeria Horrach Moya

Bridge Wynnwood

Bridge Wynnwood
Jaime Gil...encaustic

Jorge Rojas...wax "speaker", contains hidden ipod

wire dress

Daniella, myself, Wendy

Daniella, myself, Wendy
talk about FUN!! they are the best

my new waxy objects

Miles Conrad...fabou teacher!!!

what happened?????

July 13th: Encaustic 3D workshop with Miles Conrad

This weekend I found myself having so much fun with dear friends! I joined the workshop held at Wax Works studio in the tiny town of Corralitos, Ca... just South of Santa Cruz. Miles came for the day to teach his unique style of creating encaustic 3D objects (he gave a 3 hour demonstration earlier this year at the IEA Retreat, I had been thinking about his process ever since!). Miles is an amazing instructor, his level of preparedness, articulation, and enthusiasm is inspiring. Wendy, Judy, and Daniella created a lovely environment in the studio...offering a rose water spritz for mid-day refreshment! I'm looking forward to seeing how these techniques will find their way into my own studio practice. Most of all, it was a great joy to spend the day playing, having time and space to play with materials in a new way was positively invigorating

encaustic color wheel

encaustic color wheel

June 30th... encaustic color wheel & color theory

A little over a year ago my Mom came and spent the day in my studio. She had just finished a color theory class, and it harkened back to my college days. I realized that I had never created an encaustic color wheel (only one in oil)... so last summer, we spent the day working a traditional color wheel from the basic primaries. Yesterday as I was "cleaning" my studio, I saw this lovely tool gathering bits of dust and gave it a prominent spot in my studio. It reminded me of all the possibilities...I love color. Most of my work is about exploring color, so being reminded of all that can be created from a handful of color is a joyful reminder of "possibilities".

mixing color...

mixing color...
a useful tool for finding the perfect color

airborn to Boston

airborn to Boston

next stop: Anish Kapoor

a week away...

This past week I traveled to Beverly Massachusetts to participate in the second annual encaustic conference held at Montserrat College of Art, I was there to talk about the IEA/NEW diptych project... http://montserratencausticconference.blogspot.com/
I flew back with dear friend Daniella Woolf, and we met up with Miles Conrad at Logan...we went directly (well...as direct as 3 adults and one GPS system can when traversing the land of Celtics...was that an important game???...sure were a lot of "green and white" folks out in the street...they were EVERYWHERE). We finally arrived at the ICA to see the Anish Kapoor show that had just opened... http://www.icaboston.org/ ...what a great show of work.

Prior to the start of the conference, Daniella and I went to Cambridge and stopped at a lovely gallery...I loved the work of jewelry artist Nora Fok. We arrived late to the opening of the "On the Edge" show...a juried show that was a part of the Encaustic Conference. I was honored to receive honorable mention for my work.

good morning Daniella!!

Daniella and I were dorm-mates...
oh...back to the days of sharing a common bathroom with your fellow floor-mates and sleeping in a twin bed...

first side...

the Diptych Talk went very well, I was inspired by a dry pen board in the room...I asked every one who attended to pick a side of the board and start drawing...they wanted instruction, I said "pen to board". After 4 or so minutes, I had each group switch sides and resume drawing on previously created work...at the end of the exercise, they had a brief experience of working collaboratively with little direction...a great primer for the Diptych project... http://thediptychproject.googlepages.com/
I gave the talk with NEW artist and creator of the Diptych Catalog Nancy Natale (she did an amazing job organizing and presenting the show catalog ... www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/242524 ).

it was soooo yummy

loved the door!

scooter divine
our curiosity lead us to Providence Rhode Island on Monday...
Who knew how cool Providence is???
What a lovely city...we had a great lunch and enjoy walking about.

Alexandre's workshop
Alexandre Masino gave a post conference workshop, he allowed me to sit in for his opening presentation in the morning...he is a FABULOUS teacher! He was so well prepared and had step-by-step visuals that fully helped illustrate his process for creating lovely and delicate still life and landscape paintings. Check out his web site for examples of his gorgeous work: www.alexandremasino.com
His partner Yechel Gagnon traveled to the conference with him, she is a lovely and delightful artists as well; www.yechelgagnon.com She creates amazing carved plywood sculptures as well as works on paper. It was such a joy to spend time with both of them!

plum island

Saturday, June 14, 2008

After a very full week, we headed for the airport at 5:15 am for an 8:18 flight...

Had a little diddy at the airport...seems I had a birthday while I was in Massachucettes...seems my drivers licence expired on said birthday, making my photo ID invalid...Home Land Security did their job well, and detained me for a "search"...perhaps I sould have requested a MALE inpector...all was cleared and I went on to board my flight in plenty of time.

Monday, May 12, 2008

BIG projects...

I'm still settling in...after spending the past year planning and preparing for the IEA annual Retreat and Conference. I've directed the past 2 events, next year will be my finale! It is a lovely group gathering that has been held in Carmel Valley, CA. I have a blog dedicated to it at: www.iea2008retreat.blogspot.com

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Leap Day and more

I've just returned from a whirl wind wax-o-rama!!
Friday I went to paint/chat/dine/have FUN with Lissa Rankin at her home in Monterey, and visiting Portland OR friend and artist Kandy Lozano. Lissa and I made a fun little painting using "prickly balls" and we all enjoyed a fun dinner (sharing lots-o-personal history!!!)....
Saturday, I went and painted with lovely Cynthia Johnson-Bianchetta at her studio in Carmel Valley...we enjoyed painting to the sounds and sights of the outdoors :)
Sunday I headed up to a 2-day workshop in progress at Wax Works West, the studio space that Wendy Aikin and Daniella Woolf have developed. Wendy has created a lovely workspace that is very easy to work in! I gave a quick demonstration on smooth surfaces.
I am so grateful for all of the lovely friends that I shared, played, stayed, and created with. Thank you for such gracious friendships.

Monday, January 21, 2008

a ferry boat, galleries, FOOD, movie & fun

this past weekend, my good friend Daniella came from Santa Cruz...lots-o-fun!!!!!
I met her in San Francisco, we had gastronomic delights at the Ferry Building :) Then moved on to check out galleries in the ever delicate balance of feeding the parking meters....luckily, Daniella came with her big bag of quarters. On Sunday, we went to our fellow artist and friend's studio to share techniques...had a field trip after lunch to a craft store and collected an eclectic range of items to work themselves into some new work. Perhaps, the highlight of the entire visit was watching Daniella and my daughter do headstands in the living room!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

welcome 2008...

after many different ideas of how to spend New Year's eve, I did the unexpected and painted in my studio! I created a wax based (of course) vision board...it turned out to be just what I needed to celebrate the start of the New Year.